4 signs that you may need a hip replacement

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Hip replacement surgery is a common surgical procedure that improves the function and movement of the hip. Following surgery, an individual will have improved movement and a increased quality of life. But, how do you know when you have reached that point when surgery is needed? Although every individual and case is different, there are a few warning signs that suggest you may need hip replacement surgery. Below we explore 4 common signs.

1.Pain that impacts your life

Your hip is causing you significant pain. This usually means that you have disrupted sleep, as it is difficult to get into a comfortable sleeping position. Pain that gets worse on movement or when bending or twisting the body, and which does not subside when resting, really needs further investigation.

2. Disruption to activities of daily living

When your hip pain and discomfort is taking over your life, then it really is time to take action. If you can no longer take a shower, go shopping, or cannot prepare meals due to hip pain, it really is time to talk to a professional about the benefit of hip replacement surgery.

3.Other treatments no longer help

You may have been living with painful hips and stiffness for a long time. Medication and steroid treatment may have worked in the past, but now no longer have any impact. This may mean that the next logical medical intervention is to have hip surgery.

4. Your mental health and social life are affected

Constant pain and lack of sleep have knock on effects on the rest of your life. If you are feeling more isolated and unable to get out of the house, then this can have a drastic negative impact upon your mental health. An orthopaedic surgeon will take a personalised and holistic look at your case, in determining the benefit of hip replacement surgery.

If you feel that hip replacement surgery is the next step for you, then you need to seek medical advice. We offer highly customised hip replacement surgery. To learn more about our hip replacement surgery, then please do get in touch with us today.

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