Mistakes to avoid in recovery from a total or partial knee replacement

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One of the most common questions from patients to their knee surgeon is ‘How long will it take to recover?’. This is the million-dollar question. While recovery times can vary wildly between individual patients, there are a few common mistakes that orthopaedic surgeon and knee surgeons see all too frequently which will slow down your healing process. Our experts have made a list of the biggest mistakes people make, so ensuring you avoid these will certainly help you on your road to recovery.

1. Trying to recover with little pain medication

The first week after your total or partial knee replacement will be the hardest; your body will constantly be producing chemical pain due to the trauma your knee has been through. Many people attempt to struggle through this pain with as little pain medication as possible, for a variety of reasons, but for little outcome. During this initial week you should take your medication as recommended by your medical advisor and undergo the exercises you have been shown in order to try and increase your range of motion as quickly as possible, strengthening the muscles and getting your body used to your replacement.

2. Just doing the ‘easy’ exercises

Unfortunately, the exercises designed to help your body accept your total or partial knee replacement will be uncomfortable in the beginning, which often leaves patients only focusing on the easy exercises and ignoring the harder ones. However, this will increase the recovery time; it goes without saying the harder exercises will be more of a challenge, but they will get easier with practice and repetition. Remember that these exercises have been specially designed to increase recovery time by trained professionals, so following their guidance will have you fully recovered in no time.

3. Not asking for assistance

Every knee replacement and recovery from the operation will be different. As such, you are more than entitled to ask for advice or assistance from health care professions about your recovery. This is extremely important on both a physical and psychological level, as receiving reassurance from trained professionals will put your mind at ease, as well as tell you exactly how you can act to best speed up your recovery.

If you want any advice on aftercare or are about to get another knee replacement and feel your previous recovery times were too long then please contact us here.

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